Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson My rating: 5 of 5 stars I like science fiction. I like Caribbean cultures. But I’ve never looked for the intersection of the two. Actually, now I think about it, I have encountered lots of science fictional themes in reggae lyrics. But certainly I never thought to look for a […]

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I seem to be reading more these days. I’m a slow reader, but nevertheless I persevere. I’m simultaneously working my way through no less than four books right now. Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner. I’m reading this for the aptly-named Difficult Book Club, which was formed here at the University as part of our Read […]

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I wish I had the good taste and self-restraint to only post mixes of “good” music, or music that I really like. But unfortunately I don’t, and here’s the proof: fifteen tracks of dubious quality on a science fiction theme. I love science fiction, but this mix is pretty awful. (My apologies to the artists.) […]

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As I rode my bike to my book club yesterday morning, I wondered idly what name the day might have. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday… surely this Saturday must have a name too? We had a new visitor to our book circle, a woman named Charlotte. I’d guess her to be somewhere around my […]

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These are not reviews — more like reading notes. Title: Gods Behaving Badly Author: Marie Phillips Published: 2007 When I heard of this book, featuring the gods of ancient Greece living in modern day London, I knew I had to read it, mainly because Persephone has a key role. Promising premise. Alas, I just wasn’t […]

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These are not reviews — more like reading notes. Title: The Atrocity Exhibition Author: J. G. Ballard Published: 1970 The Atrocity Exhibition was originally published in 1970, but it was shredded by a distraught Nelson Doubleday, or so the story goes. It was published again by Grove in ’72 under a different title, and then […]

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Title: The Yiddish Policemen’s Union Author: Michael Chabon Published: 2007 Here’s a rare book that I’ve enjoyed (so far) but probably won’t finish. Today, my book club is discussing the book. I’m missing the meeting because I’m staying home to take care of the girl while Xy is at work (a professional development day). And […]

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Title: Glasshouse Author: Charles Stross Published: 2006 There’s usually a point in most novels where I feel the hook, where I no longer feel the effort of pushing forward and making myself read, but suddenly (or not so suddenly) find myself being pulled forward, intrigued, under the spell. I’ve noticed this usually happens somewhere around […]

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Every month, the Octavia Science Fiction Club meets at Octavia Books. Our reading selections are chosen by our members on a rotating basis, organized around a loose theme. Most recently we read three books on the theme of “Treachery.” You can get any of these books from Octavia Books by clicking the links. Note that […]

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Today the Octavia Books Science Fiction Club discussed our 50th book — Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. Actually, only two members of said club have been there to discuss all 50 books — Scott and yours truly. It was a great discussion. Afterwards we had lunch Ethiopian-style at Addis Deli and Grocery.

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Title: The Uplift War Author: David Brin Published: 1987 I would never recommend The Uplift War to my friends who are skeptical about science fiction. It has too many conventions peculiar to the genre. There are aliens of many races, psychic powers, galactic empires, robots, ray guns and spaceships that travel faster than light. It’s […]

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