Just found out the sex of our impending child, via text message from Xy. However, I’m not posting it here. We need something to announce in March, right? Also, I need to sort out just how much of this child’s life is going to be subject to my compulsive communicating. And finally, it’s another opportunity […]

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What do you say to an old friend who lives on the other side of the country when he reports some good news? In the old days I’d send him a bottle of J&B Scotch. But that doesn’t seem like the most appropriate gift for such an event. Yes, my partner in crime, J of […]

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Xy and I did something today that we’ve never done together before: We went to church. Oh sure, we’ve gone into church buildings together. We have even attended worship services together at least three times, but those events were occasioned by obligations either to my family or her employer. I don’t count them as legitimate […]

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Note: I was working on this miniature essay just before Katrina. I’ve only just finished now. I fully realize that most people don’t think much about whether or not to have kids. They either know what they want and act on that instinct, or they don’t think about it at all and just do what […]

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Shortly after the storm, my father-in-law observed that our lives would forever be divided into pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. How very true. Katrina interrupted so many lives. Families have been displaced, perhaps permanently. Plans have been put on hold, perhaps forever. For example: This summer Xy and I had some heart-to-heart talks about having a child […]

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All the fretting we’ve been doing lately — me for the last few years, Xy for the last few months — about whether or not to have a child — has an ironic aspect. We have good reason to suspect that one of us may be shooting blanks. Consider: We’ve been married and enjoying conjugal […]

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