Shortly after the storm, my father-in-law observed that our lives would forever be divided into pre-Katrina and post-Katrina.

How very true. Katrina interrupted so many lives. Families have been displaced, perhaps permanently. Plans have been put on hold, perhaps forever.

For example:

This summer Xy and I had some heart-to-heart talks about having a child together. Ultimately we decided to give it a whirl. Xy went off the pill, and we planned to have our first go at conception at Phil & Jen’s wedding.

Phil & Jen got married on Labor Day weekend, under the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, at that time, our lives were in complete upheaval. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the previous weekend.

I cancelled our plane tickets and our hotel reservations. We didn’t cancel our baby-making plans, but we put them on hold indefinitetly.

For a while I toyed with the idea of forging ahead boldy. Procreation in the face of tragedy would be a triumphant act, the ultimate affirmation.

But in the end I couldn’t conscience it. Every advisory I read said that pregnant women should not return to New Orleans. So if Xy was pregnant, could she hang out in Indiana while I returned to New Orleans for the opening of the University in January? I couldn’t see that working.

So the whole frickin’ prospect is on hold because of a damn storm.

  1. I know you two will be great parents. I also know that “EverPax Jr.” will be one hell of a kid. We need more folks like you around. Y’all have been such a blessing to so many folks. I count you as one of my many.

  2. Don’t have an easy answer, but understand the frustration.

    My fave Rox episode is the “Spring Break in Elletsville” – it’s funny (yet apt) to think of the college students in it now being mature enough to think about children.

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