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No Trailer for Us

FEMA just called to ask if we need a trailer to live in. Because I was in the shower, Xy fielded the call. She told them, “No, we don’t need a trailer.” Then, after she hung up, she told me. Then she asked if she’d done the right thing.

I didn’t want to crush her spirits, so I told her it was OK.

We’ve been talking about heading down to New Orleans in a couple weeks. It’s hard to get your house fixed up from 800 miles away. Finding a place to live in the meantime is a puzzle, for us and many other people. Our own home is technically habitable, but wouldn’t be very comfortable without electricity. No hot water. No heat, and cool weather’s coming.

We’ve been talking about staying with our friend David, who hosted me on my recent trip. He’s indicated we’re welcome. That will probably work out fine. I imagine we’ll be happier sleeping on a friend’s futon than in a FEMA trailer park.

Still — I can’t help thinking we shouldn’t have passed up the offer so quickly.

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