We took the girl in for her second appointment with the pediatrician this morning. She weighed in at 5 lbs. 15 oz., up five ounces from last week and almost back to her original birth weight. (I understand a slight weight loss is expected at first, at least for breastfed babies.) The doctor said she should gain about an ounce a day from now on. That’s simply astonishing to think about. I wonder if I looked closely, would I be able to actually see her grow?

  1. It’s tough to be a newborn baby! Babies have to use their own energy to keep themselves warm, rather than staying snug inside their mothers. That, plus the fact that they are moving around more than before, is what I think makes them lose a little weight after they are born.

  2. Another factor: if they give IV fluids to the mother during delivery, the baby gets them too, so they may be a little bloated when they’re born.

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