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  1. You know, there is an almost clonish resemblance. How is XY handling this gene-pool shut-out?

  2. Oh, it changes as they age. Some days, she will most likely have facial expressions that will be unmistakably Xy. Or, her features in a certain light will have the both of you in there somewhere.

    Whatever. She’s ALL Persephone. 😎

  3. You know what they say about the biological imperative that all but guarantees that newborns will resemble their fathers. It encourages bonding and discourages fathers from attacking their young.

  4. haha

  5. julesb_town julesb_town

    she is so sweet- oh… to snuggle an infant 🙂

  6. David David

    Regarding your conclusion: you’re not one month old.

  7. I think there IS something to the notion that (probably for evolutionary survival reasons) newborns more strongly resemble the father. In our case, at first, people repeated non-stop that Emma looked like Paul.

    Then, in the last few months (she’s 2 now), all we’re hearing is that she suddently looks “exactly like” me. (I now actually see a fairly even and impressive blend [genetics are amazing]).

    So things could still still evolve, Dad.

    And on the genetics note, I’m just fascinated about how a second mix of the ole’ DNA might turn out this time. I can’t wait to see what our second baby will look like. Already, on the ultrasound, I can tell that her nose looks difference (straighter) then Emma’s did in the same type of pictures…

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