1. Oh, it changes as they age. Some days, she will most likely have facial expressions that will be unmistakably Xy. Or, her features in a certain light will have the both of you in there somewhere.

    Whatever. She’s ALL Persephone. 😎

  2. I think there IS something to the notion that (probably for evolutionary survival reasons) newborns more strongly resemble the father. In our case, at first, people repeated non-stop that Emma looked like Paul.

    Then, in the last few months (she’s 2 now), all we’re hearing is that she suddently looks “exactly like” me. (I now actually see a fairly even and impressive blend [genetics are amazing]).

    So things could still still evolve, Dad.

    And on the genetics note, I’m just fascinated about how a second mix of the ole’ DNA might turn out this time. I can’t wait to see what our second baby will look like. Already, on the ultrasound, I can tell that her nose looks difference (straighter) then Emma’s did in the same type of pictures…

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