We left the heater running in the kitchen all night, and it was still 45 degrees in there this morning. Times like these make me wonder if we shouldn’t have installed central heat when we were renovating downstairs. I think we actually had a light freeze last night. I’m glad I’m not among New Orleans’ […]

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Xy and I had our initial appointment with the Road Home program this morning. Yes, that’s right, initial. We’re only just now getting started. For once this tardiness cannot be blamed on governmental ineptitude or bureaucratic bungling. It’s our fault. We’ve dragged out feet and postponed this because we don’t really expect to get any […]

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After joking about how my brain was melted from the varnish fumes Saturday night, I started to feel like maybe it was no joke. I got the chills and had weird, feverish dreams all night. Sunday I was not up to snuff. No appetite. I put in some more hours varnishing, but I just didn’t […]

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