I wanted to put down some thoughts on Monday’s Senate field hearing, something beyond the raw notes I posted, but I’m finding no clarity. On the most fundamental level, I’m simply unsure what I witnessed Monday morning. I saw powerful politicians in nice suits. They said a lot of things that sounded very reasonable. But […]

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I was on the local news last night — top of the ten o’clock hour. They pegged it to Nagin’s 100+3 day press conference, citing his quip about commercial blight, and then segueing to our rodent-infested grocery. They shot the interview with me yesterday afternoon. The camera operator (who bravely ventured into the grocery) turns […]

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I got my sample ballot. Here’s how I plan to vote in the runoff Saturday: Clerk, Criminal District Court Nick Varrecchio, Democrat, Ballot # 21 Mayor, City of New Orleans “Mitch” Landrieu, Democrat, Ballot # 61 Councilmember(s) at Large Arnie Fielkow, Democrat, Ballot # 73 Councilmember, District B Stacy Head, Democrat, Ballot # 92 I […]

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I’m skeptical of the polls on the upcoming New Orleans elections. It’s difficult to conduct an accurate poll under our current circumstances. I’ve seen at least one that used pre-Katrina landline phone numbers. The flaws in that methodology should be obvious to anyone familiar with recent events here, but just to drive the point home: […]

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Xy and I ventured to the Lower Ninth Ward Monday morning. Caffin and Claiborne is where the Martin Luther King Day parade traditionally begins. In the past, this parade has seemed like a rowdy dress rehearsal for Mardi Gras, almost completely detached from anything recognizable as a legacy of Dr. King. But this year things […]

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I went back to my neighborhood today. The flood-damaged crap which Michael and I had hauled out from my house to the curb was still there, a huge pile. In fact, it was even bigger than we left it, as a number of homes in the neighborhood are apparently being gutted. Piles of refuse line […]

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Holy — Mayor Nagin announced that the whole city of New Orleans, except for the Lower 9, will be open by Wednesday, October 5! That’s just a few days away. My neighborhood still won’t have potable water or electricity or any basic services — but at least I wouldn’t have to sneak in to get […]

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