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Sound of Sirens

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems that I’ve been hearing sirens constantly the last couple weeks. I think it started just after the press conference Nagin held two days before the march on City Hall. Did they instruct cops to run their sirens more often?

It doesn’t make me feel any safer.

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  1. I hear them all day long. It is endless. I have a feeling they are just riding around with them on.

    Last weekend there was a big siren fest, when I went to the corner it was 3 limos and about 6 cops. All with sirens going.

  2. That reminds me of Puerto Rico when my parent lived there. We all were amazed that at night the police patrolled with their blue “Gum Ball Machines” on. It was especially interesting from the air at night. You could see all of these police cars slowly patrolling relatively dark residential districts. There were amazingly uniformly distributed.

  3. Tim Tim

    I think it’s all in the mind, B. After we had a fire at our house, I began to notice every fire reported in the news and every burned building as I drove along the streets. Were there more fires than before, or more likely, was I just tuned in and noticing what had been there all along.

    Keep the faith, Master Blogger. Peace,


  4. I dunno, B, I have noticed the same thing here in the Marigny with most of the sirens coming from above St. Claude it seems. Maybe it is my imagination, but seems not.

  5. Laureen Laureen

    No, I felt the same thing, like were just riding around with them on. This week has not been as active. I think we usually have a lot of sirens in our hood, but the week after the rally was considerably more. In fact, I was going to email you about it.

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