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Meet Ray Nagin (in Kansas)

All eyes are on Senator David Vitter now. But I can’t possibly top the coverage provided by Your Right Hand Thief. Check it out.

All eyes are on Vitter, but let us not forget: Six months ago today we marched on City Hall and demanded our government authorities do their jobs better.

So, you might wonder, where is Our Mayor today? Why, he’s in Kansas City.

Meet Ray Nagin

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What’s he doing there? Well, it appears to be a fundraiser.

“Contributions can be made to the Ray Nagin Campaign Fund. Maximum contribution $5,000.”

(For those outside New Orleans, please note that since Nagin is term-limited, he can’t run for mayor again. He’s contemplating a run for some other office. Rumors abound.)

It’s not a crime (unlike what Vitter is alleged to have been doing). Raising funds is just what politicians do. But it doesn’t sit well with me, not at all.

I support SilenceIsViolence in their current campaign:

Today and tomorrow, we ask that all of you reach out via phone, email, or letter to any public officials from whom you would like to hear more on the subject of public safety.

SilenceIsViolence is also printing an open letter to Mayor Nagin in tomorrow’s Times-Picayune, and they could use help covering the cost. Visit their website to make a contribution or send a check to 2700 Chartres St, NOLA 70117.

Update: The Kansas City Star reports Nagin may be “seeking another office before his four-year mayoral term is up in 2010.”

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  1. Frank S. Frank S.

    Vitter– I was surprised, but not much. I am more surprised that he broke the law than that he had some “on the side,” as it were. I guess he thought “it isn’t a affair if he pays for it”. At least he mentioned it to his wife & priest before the news story broke. Must have been a cold night in the house THAT night.

    It is all pretty stupid, but typical.

    Of course the problem here is that Vitter will get into more trouble for this foolishness than Jefferson will for the stealing. I was watching the news story on this last night and noticed a right-wing minister call for him to step down and mention he was going to encourage other ministers to do the same. Nice to see those uber-moral social conservatives can be counted on to turn to the old testament for guidance & start stoneing on cue. Reminds me of why I stoped going to church. Pardon the “pun”— Sucks to live in a country that makes sex a crime and has 24 hr. news nets to share those F*cking crimes with everyone.

  2. Scott Scott

    whether it’s our:
    recent school board chair lady [don’t recall the hyphenated name or the exact relationship to Dollar Bill] who was elected on a platform demanding Reform Now but later plead guilty to bribery charges in federal court; or

    Vitter who said on the House floor that his bill for a federal ban on same sex marriage was more important than dealing with the effects of Katrina on his district, now admitting his relations with the DC Madame (and what’s this about the Canal St Madam claiming to know him);

    I loves me some political irony !

    And for religious irony, how about that Jimmy Swaggert ?

  3. Well, if the rumors are true, and if Nagin does indeed get elected to the office for which it is rumored he is planning on running (neither of which, given our political history and recent tendencies, would surprise me in the least), well, then, Dominica, here I come!

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