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A Sigh of Relief

Nagin Listens to Editor B Photo by Derek Bridges

As I am writing this the very last minutes of the Nagin administration are ticking away. I for one am relieved. Of course I’m hopeful the new administration does better, but it’s more personal than that. Over the past couple years I’ve had some paranoid fantasies that Nagin was out to get me. I know that sounds perfectly ridiculous, so let me explain. I criticized Nagin very publicly at the March for Survival in January of 2007. My words were picked up by the media and that clip of me saying “Shame on you, Mayor Nagin” was repeated around the world. I saw it dragged out again and again after the fact. Therefore I’m pretty sure Nagin knows who I am, even if in his mind I’m nothing more than “that guy who spoke at that rally.” I didn’t realize at that time that I’d end up becoming president of an organization that would interface with City Hall extensively. Oops. When we encountered obstacles, I couldn’t help wondering if my personality was a liability. For the record, I don’t really think Nagin would be that petty and vindictive to derail a worthy project just to get at me. I know I’m not that important. But the thought definitely crossed my mind. And I have bit my tongue in recent months, kept quiet and not criticized the administration, even though I really wanted to, for fear it would hamper the advancement of the greenway project. I don’t know if that was wise or necessary. But as of today, I think I can finally stop worrying about my relationship with C. Ray Nagin.

Here are a couple mashups to remember the man by. I mixed these up in 2008 but never posted them here for the reasons cited above.

Chocolate City by Editor B

Apology by Editor B

I think by the time anyone reads this we will officially have a new mayor. I am breathing a deep sigh of relief today. Now I can concentrate on screwing up my relationship with the new boss.

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  1. David David

    “Oops,” my ass. You did the right thing. Though this–“I don’t really think Nagin would be that petty and vindictive to derail a worthy project just to get at me.”–sounds pretty naive.

    It’s so good to have Mayor Landrieu.

  2. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    …smile and grin at the change all around-

    pick up mah guitar and play-

    just like yesterday

    then I get on mah knees and pray

    we don’t get fooled again.

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