I bought a bunch of these from Classic Accents. They’re old-style push-button switches, which our house has still has in a few places. We’re expecting that some of the old switches won’t survive the rewiring of our house, so we’ll have some replacements on hand. Mostly, though, these will serve to restore push-button functionality to […]

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Take a nighttime drive down Bienville, from Galvez to Jefferson Davis. It’s dark. There’s a house with some lights near Tonti, another near Gayoso. Generators, I guess. There are no street lights. The Bienville corridor is dark. Except for our street. When we got power restored to our house, it also resulted in two more […]

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Our electrician came by tonight (with a crew of old friends from Brooklyn) and hooked our generator up to our electrical panel. Now we can run what’s left of our wiring, post-Katrina, off a gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine. So tonight, for the first time in over a hundred days, a few electric light bulbs burned […]

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The electricians started work on our house today. Also, the plumber got the city inspector to come by and certify us for getting our gas service restored. Also, Xy made the cut. She was amongst the 200 teachers (out of over a thousand applicants) who got called back for an interview (for one of 60 […]

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