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Push My Button

I bought a bunch of these from Classic Accents.

Single Pole Switch (HD1)

They’re old-style push-button switches, which our house has still has in a few places. We’re expecting that some of the old switches won’t survive the rewiring of our house, so we’ll have some replacements on hand. Mostly, though, these will serve to restore push-button functionality to switches that have been “upgraded” over the years.

These old-style switches are a tad more expensive — OK, a lot more expensive — than the standard modern flip-switch. But maintaining the historical integrity of our home is worth the cost, dammit.

They arrived yesterday. Now if the electricians would just show up we’d be set.

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  1. “maintaining the historical integrity of our home is worth the cost, dammit”

    And that’s why you’re a New Orleanian, and why the rest of the country just doesn’t get it.

  2. Lee Lee

    I didn’t know switches like that were available B………cool beans. I do agree that the single pole switches commonly available are quite boring. I am replacing all of mine with “decorator” ones……….but that is a different story for a different place.

  3. Garvey Garvey

    Too bad you can’t find out who really makes ’em, or you could get ’em for 99 cents, as they should be. The name “Classic Accents” screams “exorbitant markups.”

  4. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    i must be a southern yokel / city boy /dumbass …. but after going to the site i actually thought the price was reasonable.

    i’m doing it as we speak and i know that i can sleep at night with out keeping one eye open for a house fire.

    again b thanks for the heads up.

  5. Lou C Lou C

    You say: “But maintaining the historical integrity of our home is worth the cost, dammit.”
    Yes, so true.

    But dude…what about your door knobs?

  6. Lou, in the case of the doorknobs, I thought security trumped preservation. In retrospect, I wish I’d gotten old-style knobs and modern deadbolts. I looked into it, and was shocked at the price H. Rault wanted for vintage knobs, but now I wish I’d shelled out the bucks.

  7. Lou C Lou C

    Okay—Yes, security is paramount. I understand, I just cringed when I saw the photo you posted of your new knobs…and then you mention the push button thingy!? I would have spent the money on the door knobs before that thing. I applaud you for buying locally but is there no other option to bring down the cost of the door knobs?

  8. There might be — I haven’t investigated, and I should. Thing is, the money’s already spent. I can’t take the knobs I bought back. The doorknob thing was a fiasco, no two ways about it.

  9. Heather Heather

    I love those switches… we are moving into a house originally wired in 1918 (still has that wiring) and are gutting it… it has all those switches and I had no idea you could even still find modern replacements.

    They’re great! (although pricey)

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