Here’s a short video I shot and edited featuring three sixth graders at the school where Xy teaches.

Problem Solving on Vimeo

The girls are Kamaria, Tekiesaine & Destiny. They’re singing lyrics of their own, inspired by Xy’s “life skills” lesson, to the tune of “Show Stopper” by Danity Kane.

We’re also sending this video to Children for Children. They sent Xy’s class a bunch of messages in bottles from kids in New York. The New Orleans kids wanted to send something back, so we made this video.

Footnote: This is just an excerpt from a six-minute piece which I’m framing as a “Fifteen Months Post-Katrina” update. For the hardcore, I’ve uploaded this longer video. It’s 24 MB and requires the absolute latest version of QuickTime, so download it if you dare. And, what the hell, here’s an audio-only (1 MB mp3) version.

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