And so the season of madness begins again. I just came across an intriguing new article by Cynthia Green on JSTOR Daily. I learned plenty. It also contains the following zinger: For some reason, we don’t celebrate Twelfth Night anymore. In response, I can only paraphrase Bugs Bunny: She don’t know us very well, do […]

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Tonight is Twelfth Night, if you know how to count like a New Orleanian. Everybody’s heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas, but few people in 21st-century America know that these are the twelve days after Christmas, ending with Epiphany, also known as Little Christmas or Three Kings Day or Twelfthtide. Increasing commercialization puts all […]

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Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson My rating: 5 of 5 stars I like science fiction. I like Caribbean cultures. But I’ve never looked for the intersection of the two. Actually, now I think about it, I have encountered lots of science fictional themes in reggae lyrics. But certainly I never thought to look for a […]

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Having a toddler on your shoulders kind of precludes taking photos. Nevertheless I was able to pop this one off. Here’s Seph and me watching Krewe du Vieux, the best parade of Carnival in New Orleans. KdV is known for its satirical themes, which are often given the raunchiest treatment imaginable. I still remember the […]

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Our first plan was to reprise last year’s costumes which we didn’t really get to employ last year. But then it became clear that this Mardi Gras would be unseasonably cool, and perhaps downright cold. Costuming as Olympian deities seemed like it would be uncomfortable, and so I scrambled at the last possible minute to […]

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Parties are strange affairs. People gathering together for no other purpose than to celebrate life and enjoy each other’s company. What an ephemeral proposition! And also how wonderful. It’s almost enough to make one suspect that gross material possessions are not the most important things in life. Hmm. We had a great party here yesterday. […]

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Here’s Persephone (my daughter) with Persephone (the float): Also pictured: Persephone’s father and grandparents. In fact, this morning we got a tour of the Rex den from the very kind Dr. Stephen Hales, who also took the photograph. It’s my parents’ first Mardi Gras as well, so this is all new to them. I think […]

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And so the season of madness begins again. Allow me to update a little essay I wrote a few years back: Tonight is Twelfth Night, or so I thought. Everybody’s heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas, but few people (in America, at least) know that these are the twelve days after Christmas, starting on […]

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To the relief of everyone Uptown, Endymion is coming back to Mid-City in 2008. Therefore I imagine we’ll be having our annual Samedi Gras party, where you can experience a totally different side of Endymion, far from the madding crowds of Upper Mid-City. Hopefully our renovation will be complete by then. The question is, what […]

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Just a few days before my father’s operation, two of my closest friends received news that their own fathers were coming, abruptly, to the end of life. Michael went to Nebraska to be with his father. He passed away yesterday. My other friend’s father has stomach cancer and I gather the prognosis is not good. […]

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Last night was the first and best parade of the Carnival season: Krewe du Vieux. Even though I’ve been pretty down lately and not feeling celebratory, I would never miss this parade. It seemed to me like there were more people turned out to see KdV than I remember in years past. We couldn’t find […]

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