I’m sure my parents will be proud to know I’m now the number one result for mandatory ejaculation on Google. Or rather, one of my photos is.

Mandatory Ejaculation

Of course, the real blame goes to the Krewe of Spermes, one of the many constituent subkrewes that make up the amazing Krewe de Vieux. All I did was take a picture of their float with a friend’s camera.

Do I need to explain the reference? This float made its appearance in February of 2006, five months or so after the first mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. I mentioned this parade back then but ironically I featured to a different photo of the same float.

My question is — why are people suddenly searching for “mandatory ejaculation” such that I’m seeing it in my stats?

Is there something we should know?

  1. Ha! That is curious. I almost thought I might get credit for that photo, until I saw the tops of all of those heads. I’d never be up that high!

  2. Right. And I thought that might explain the spike in interest. But I didn’t see such a spike when the episode actually aired the first time — only now. I wonder if it was rerun recently.

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