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Hail Brid

No matter how much king cake I eat, it never truly feels like Carnival until I see a parade.


That time is here again. Last night we saw the Krewe of Brid in Lakeview. It was so much fun I can’t believe we’d never done it before. They are a relatively new group, still small, all female. Persephone knows about triple goddesses so she was excited and we all had a blast.

Tonight we’ll be checking out Krewe du Vieux in the Marigny.

The madness is upon us.

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  1. Brooks Brooks

    Persephone is shooting up like a weed! Is it too early to tell whether she’ll be tall like her father, or petite like Christy?

    My brother is a huge fan of Muses, another all-female parade. Seems like whenever I’m home for Mardi Gras, Muses is over and done with, so I’ve never seen it.

  2. For my money Muses is the best of the “big” parades. Xy’s still never seen it. Hopefully that will change this year. Definitely one to catch if you can.

    As for the girl, she’s still quite small for her age. I don’t really know at what age one obtains a good prediction of adult stature, if ever, but I think the smart money would say petite at this point.

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