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Persephone Meets Persephone

Here’s Persephone (my daughter) with Persephone (the float):

Persephone & Persephone

Also pictured: Persephone’s father and grandparents.

In fact, this morning we got a tour of the Rex den from the very kind Dr. Stephen Hales, who also took the photograph. It’s my parents’ first Mardi Gras as well, so this is all new to them. I think they appreciated the tour most of all.

I was also interested to read a story about Rex getting involved in the public schools in yesterday’s paper. Another Katrina effect.

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  1. Dr. A Dr. A

    How cool, Bart! Guess you found your “in” to get a preview! It’s always fun to see the floats up close so you can enjoy how much art and work goes into them…and sometimes when they pass by so fast on the parade route you miss it all! Nice photo, too!

  2. 8thWardNeedles 8thWardNeedles

    That is super cool! They have plastic laurel headbands at Uptown Costume as of this afternoon.

  3. julesb_town julesb_town

    cool- hope you have fun!

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