Our first plan was to reprise last year’s costumes which we didn’t really get to employ last year. But then it became clear that this Mardi Gras would be unseasonably cool, and perhaps downright cold. Costuming as Olympian deities seemed like it would be uncomfortable, and so I scrambled at the last possible minute to […]

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Here’s Persephone (my daughter) with Persephone (the float): Also pictured: Persephone’s father and grandparents. In fact, this morning we got a tour of the Rex den from the very kind Dr. Stephen Hales, who also took the photograph. It’s my parents’ first Mardi Gras as well, so this is all new to them. I think […]

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For the last 364 days, life here may have sucked for most of us, but on this one day (at least) there’s no place I’d rather be than New Orleans. We got up early, we had a good breakfast, we’re rocking out, we’re getting into costume, we’re hitting the streets. Happy Mardi Gras.

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When you’re in a big robe, it’s much easier to pee if you’re not wearing underwear. Unfortunately I was wearing underwear, and yes, I kept ’em on all day. Must be my Midwestern Lutheran upbringing. The major parades? Zulu? Rex? Missed ’em entirely. We started in the Bywater eaaarly in the morning, made our way […]

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For the last few years I’ve actually kind of enjoyed going in to work on Ash Wednesday. The sudden transition back to so-called normality after the craziness of Carnival was bracing. Plus, school was not in session, so it was very quiet on campus. It was a good time just to putter around the office, […]

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