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One Day

For the last 364 days, life here may have sucked for most of us, but on this one day (at least) there’s no place I’d rather be than New Orleans. We got up early, we had a good breakfast, we’re rocking out, we’re getting into costume, we’re hitting the streets. Happy Mardi Gras.

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  1. Hah! Great costume! We had a fabulous time all Carnival season and yesterday afternoon it was especially great to catch the Mardi Gras Indians in Central City.

  2. Carmen Carmen

    I’m certain there’s a backstory here that those not already in the know will never be fully privy to, whether they toss in their 39 cents (inflation, you know) or no. But you do make a cute little subversive, even as a low tech display. Which is not to be confused with low key, that being how I usually read the stamp of the mythological photographer. Carry on!

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