Well, it’s official. Our house is on the market. There’s a “For Sale” sign in front. We’ve been very happy here. It’s hard to think that our home for the last seven years might soon belong to someone else. But here’s hoping. If you’re interested call our Realtor, Shannon Sharpe Briand, at (504) 616-7000. It’s […]

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I was feeling pretty good yesterday as my remediation work went according to plan. Here’s four photos that show the transition from flaking lead-based paint, through surface prep, priming, and a first coat of paint. Still needs a second coat. I’m pretty sure I did this safely, with no contamination — no lead dust in […]

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This house didn’t have a light in the stairwell when we bought it, but we had one installed during our post-Katrina rebuild. After a year or two it burned out, and the stairwell has been dark ever since. I tried a couple times, but it’s hard to reach that damn bulb. Last night, I balanced […]

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Despite our efforts, despite testing our water, despite an extensive lead abatement program conducted on our house by ACORN, we got word yesterday afternoon that our little 17-month-old girl has a high level of lead contamination. How high? BLLs > 13 µg/dL. Translation: blood lead level greater than 13 micrograms per deciliter of blood. Is […]

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We’re extremely fortunate that we did not burn down the house last night. Xy had just made a couple trays of her famous pseudo-enchiladas. She had a tray baking in the oven when a strange odor began to permeate the kitchen. It smelled like something burning. Perhaps some food remnant crusted on the bottom of […]

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