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Two Lightbulbs

This house didn’t have a light in the stairwell when we bought it, but we had one installed during our post-Katrina rebuild. After a year or two it burned out, and the stairwell has been dark ever since. I tried a couple times, but it’s hard to reach that damn bulb.

Last night, I balanced a step ladder on some telephone books in the middle of the staircase and managed to replace the bulb. I had to do it twice because the first bulb I grabbed didn’t work. A precarious proposition, but I survived, and now the stairwell is illuminated once more.

Bolstered by my success, I decided to press on. The light in the middle of our hall stopped working six months ago, and it appeared to be an electrical issue rather than a bulb. I swear I had tried two different bulbs in that socket. But last night I decided to give it another try, and what do you know: It worked.

So. Perhaps our luck is changing.

I guess this might be a good time to express my gratitude to all the many people who have wished us well over the last week, who’ve gotten in touch so many different ways to express their concern, to share information, and just generally to let us know we’re not alone. I really appreciate it. And I know that for every person who actually articulates such concerns, there are probably several more who are just thinking good wishes in our general direction. I can practically feel the good vibrations. Thank you, everyone.

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