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Catching Up

Lots of stuff going on lately, and so little time to write. The days slip away uncounted. I can’t stand that. So here are some things that have gone down over the last five days or more.

  • Xy made a trip to the north shore with Persephone and Daisy and Lavender to visit the splash park there in old Mandeville. They also stopped by a furniture store in Slidell; while Daisy was shopping Xy gathered some tadpoles and aquatic snails. Next thing I know she’s set up an aquarium on our kitchen table and added some goldfish and water plants. I said, “You’re turning this place into a frickin’ menagerie! Wasn’t the rabbit enough?”
  • Our former neighbor Jesus replaced our screwed-up lattice panel near the front door of our house. He said he would do the job two months ago, and I had kind of given up hope. And to top it off he also installed a door there — that door has been missing for years, since old Dan’s crucifix-rig disintegrated some time after Katrina, I think.
  • Xy tried her hand at painting the posts under the deck. Unfortunately she’s kind of sloppy — splatters and drips everywhere. I’m not the most fastidious person, but I’m taking the paintbrush back. I did the second coat myself and also got the new lattice work painted. I like bold rich colors but this is a pale lavender, so pale it’s almost gray.
  • Speaking of Lavender, we celebrated her first birthday Sunday. There were pony rides on the neutral ground. Persephone wasn’t terribly interested in the ponies, strangely enough, but it was still a fun party.
  • I gave a talk and led a walk along the Lafitte Corridor to about 30 kids as part of a summer program called Job One, run by the Alliance for Affordable Energy and the Louisiana Green Corps.
  • I’ll admit I get a little misty-eyed when remembering the moon landing. It’s not nostalgia, exactly, as I was only two when that happened. It’s more the grandeur of human achievement or something like that. Yet at the same time I do have mixed feelings about the whole space program. I’ve heard a bunch of lunar-themed songs lately, as DJs commemorate the event, but I think the best one is Gil Scott-Heron’s Whitey on the Moon, which expresses my misgivings eloquently and is a hoot to boot.
  • Aftre three weeks of bureaucratic delay, I finally got my annual letter reconfirming my employment. Hooray, I still have a job. Even got a decent raise. In this economy that’s saying something.
  • I do occasionally read books outside of my club selections. It took me a few months, chipping away at lunch time, but I finally finished Goth: Undead Subculture which the library purchased on my recommendation. Fascinating stuff. It’s the first and only collection of serious academic essays on the subject. I don’t usually read much academic writing, and this was heavy going in some places, but overall I think it’s pretty accessible. I think what I found most provocative is simply the idea of subcultures themselves as somehow resisting mainstream culture. I don’t know if subcultural studies is an organized field of study, but I think I’d like to learn more about it.
  • In case you’re in the mood for a weird link, here’s Oxidation Paintings by Mambo.

Also, the weather has been lovely for this time of year, by which I mean highs in the upper 80s and humidity below 50%. Is this really July in southern Louisiana?

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  1. Ed Ed

    Speaking of goth, would you happen to know anyone who knows Mexican slang for various ‘tribus urbanas’? I have a hunch that ‘bandas obscura’ refers to goth, but I’m not sure (I can’t tell if it refers to a particular type of music, “goth” or instead just a general term for “obscure music”). And then I’m assuming that ‘dark’ is a synonym for ‘goth’ (or is it another _type_ of goth?) And ‘skacero’ must be ska…?

    “Aproximadamente 800 jóvenes pertenecientes a tribus urbanas, como punk, metaleros, bandas obscura, y skaceros agredieron a jóvenes del movimiento emo, identificados de este modo porque su filosofía es actuar conforme a sus emociones y sentimientos, con el objetivo de impedirles que se reúnan en una plaza del centro histórico de la capital queretana.”

    “Cherry, una adolescente del movimiento emo, señaló que los mencionados grupos están en desacuerdo con su estilo musical […] ‘Toda esa generación de los dark, punk, están enojados con los emos porque dicen que son su copia’, expresó.”

    From: “Agreden tribus urbanas a jóvenes ’emo'”
    El Porvenir | Domingo, 09 de Marzo de 2008

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