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A Change of Direction

I was surprised to discover this morning that our one-way street had reversed direction overnight.

Well, it wasn’t a big surprise really. The city had sent me a letter explaining the plan and polling our opinion, but I never mailed the form back in. After mulling it over a while I thought it might not be such a bad idea.

Our neighbor Charles was pissed about it though. He had voted against — twice, actually. He got two forms because he owns a double.

It’s kind of poetic for this to happen today, I suppose, because this afternoon we met with our favorite Realtor to discuss the possibility of selling our house. Kind of a change of direction for us. Further ruminations forthcoming.

Our car seemed to be disoriented by parking in the opposite direction from which it is accustomed. It started honking randomly this evening. Very annoying. I finally got under the hood and yanked the horn fuse to shut the damn thing up.

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