For the last week Xy and Persephone have been out in the proverbial boonies, hanging with some friends at a remote cabin way out in the woods. It was originally going to be a three day trip, but they were enjoying themselves so much they extended their stay. Meanwhile I’ve been “batchin’ it” here at […]

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reflections (A) by camil tulcan We had overlapping houseguests last weekend. My mother-in-law was still here, and we were also playing host to a former student of mine. What? I have former students? That phrase seems strange to me, but I guess it’s accurate. Back in the 98-99 school year I assisted Ron Osgood in […]

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It’s shaping up as something of a tradition in its own right. My birthday has an overt tendency to suck. A quick recap may be in order. 42: “Guess who forgot? That’s right. Xy.” 41: “I’ve got no festivity in my life whatsoever. Xy didn’t even say ‘Happy Birthday’ this morning, and she has report […]

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I got the key to our new house this morning. It’s starting to seem like reality. My mother-in-law was down here for a week. It wasn’t possible, logistically speaking, for me to go to Houston and leave Xy alone with our daughter. Her workday begins before the daycare opens. But this worked out well for […]

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Our inspection period is just about over. We’ve found a number of deficiencies which we are asking the seller to correct: There are structural issues under the house. A lot of sills and joists need to be replaced or, in some cases, repaired. There’s a flat roof over the addition in the rear of the […]

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This is the third installment of three sample documents dredged up from my old Brother WP-500 disks. I really have no idea what this is. Perhaps it had something to do with the Have Fun Club? That would place it circa 1992. I have no recollection of typing it, which is what makes rediscovering it […]

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I took a vacation last week. Nope, didn’t leave the Greater New Orleans area. I’m afraid this was another vacation in the head, and as usual it was a soul-shattering experience. I mean that in a good way. I’m back at work now, trying to reassemble my personality into something vaguely recognizable. My parents are […]

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