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Finding Lost Things

  1. I found an old letter from our mortgage company, unopened, buried under some junk mail. Inside I was surprised to discover a check, a refund for an escrow overage. The amount was substantial. That was a couple days ago.
  2. Last night I found the old hand-written manuscript for my unfinished novel, The Vibrating Telemarketer. I began work on this in 2001. I put it aside after the terrorist attacks of September 11th and never got back to it. I had assumed it was amongst the many paper documents I lost in the floods of 2005. Apparently not. Though perhaps the world would have been better off…
  3. I also found a handwritten journal, the fourteenth in my series of journals, covering the period from September 6th, 2003 to June 2nd, 2004. This is significant to me because I thought all my journals were flooded after Katrina, but this one was in a different location.

They say that things such as this come in threes. The manuscript and the journal were in the same place, and I found them at the same time, so maybe they don’t count as two separate things. Therefore I’m keeping my eyes open in hopes of finding one more lost thing soon.

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