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  1. Bart,

    A. definitely! That smile while holding the rubber duckie is awesome! Although B. shows your terrific tiling work, I’d vote for A. as the cutest.

  2. A. It has an “Omigod, lookit MEEEEEEE!!!!!” vibe to it that is just endearingly CUTE.

  3. B. “Wanna play with my duckie?”

  4. Rob Rob

    A. for sure.

    B has a Kilroy-esque quality that, frankly, is dated.

  5. Sean Sean

    Wow, that’s a tough one. I’m goin’ with B.

  6. grandma and grandpa p grandma and grandpa p

    Grandpa says A; grandma prefers B

  7. Can’t you make a collage?

  8. Kami Kami


  9. liz liz


  10. Robyn Robyn

    (And B)

  11. Garvey Garvey


  12. loula loula


  13. B

  14. Liz Liz

    I’m with Glenn, make a collage because they are both fantastic!

  15. peptide peptide

    a – but mainly because she fills so much of the frame. they’re both gorgeous altogether

  16. Courtney Courtney


  17. That smile is just too much. I’d have to go with A, only because she fills much more of the frame.

  18. julesb_town julesb_town


  19. Lee Lee

    A all the way, B is a standout, but A gets my vote.

  20. Persephone Persephone

    I can’t believe you would post a naked picture of me on the web. I am like so embarrassed. Was this your idea or mom’s, because her I can understand but you daddy? OMG!

  21. Rachel Rachel

    B. It’s also the better photo.

  22. kelleygrl kelleygrl

    A, without a doubt!

  23. Stacey Stacey

    B: The many rolls of arm chub.

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