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Impending Move

I got the key to our new house this morning. It’s starting to seem like reality.

My mother-in-law was down here for a week. It wasn’t possible, logistically speaking, for me to go to Houston and leave Xy alone with our daughter. Her workday begins before the daycare opens. But this worked out well for us, in that Susie spent pretty much every day packing our stuff into boxes. She did an amazing amount of work.

As a result, we’re pretty well set for tomorrow, as we attempt to answer the question: Does moving have to be stressful? Why can’t it be fun?

I’m expecting a good number of friends and neighbors to lend a hand, and that warms my heart. If you’d like to help out, please RSVP via Socializr.

About the last thing I’ll pack up are my stereo speakers. Herewith, a mix in celebration of silence.

(No, your speakers aren’t broken. A couple of these tracks actually are silent, others simply take silence as a theme.)

We don’t close until next week, and the people buying our house don’t want us there after the act of sale. Our new house is currently unoccupied, but we can’t purchase it until our old house is sold. So we’ve made a pre-occupancy arrangement which involves (of course) paying another fee. It only makes sense, but it’s somewhat amusing to me that we will essentially be renting for one week.

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  1. Carmen & Gerry Carmen & Gerry

    Hey guys, r u leaving us? Stay in touch u r a great couple, family.

    Our girls and I will miss u much…. Love u

    Tell me when is ur last dy



  2. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    hey b. when yall moving? i got a small bed chevy s-10 pickup truck with a four cylinder and i have a bad back.

    i could do a few hours of convoying of stuff as long as i dont have to lift any thing over 50 lb’s.

    hollah back.

    if you give me a weeks notice i can flex my work sched.

    874xxxxxxx6455xxxxxx celly … number …… fuck you robots….. hollah.

  3. Thanx Rick but we are moved already! Actually we do have a few pieces left in the shed but I may just put them on the curb. Not much storage at the new place.

    Carmen: Not to worry we only moved 1.2 miles.

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