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Some Houses in the 3000 Block of Bienville

For Sale

If you want to live just around the corner from yours truly, consider this freshly renovated shotgun double in the 3000 block of Bienville. Live on one side, rent out the other! I have no idea what it’s like inside, but the paint job is pretty nice.

It’s listed for $175,000. Call Luke Jones at 504-905-9101.

3017-19 Bienville

Or you could buy this house across the street. It’s not been renovated nor has it been gutted. In fact the house is still full of flooded furniture. Both front doors are wide open and high weeds are growing in front. But structurally it appears to be in decent shape, at least to a passing glance.

The sign says it is for sale. I contacted the real estate agent and he said the owner (Terry Wilson of 1430 De Battista Pl, New Orleans LA 70131) has been notified of the problems repeatedly but hasn’t done anything. However, the real estate agent also said the property is under contract and should be sold soon.

3021 Bienville

Another house on Bienville owned by the good Terry Wilson. You can’t quite tell from this photo, but the front door is ajar. Like the house further down the block, this one has not been secured or cleaned or gutted. It is almost two years since the flood. When are property owners going to be held to account?

Aw, what the hell, here’s another, 3016 Bienville:

3016 Bienville

This one’s got an adjudication notice on it. In fact, I talked to some people about this house back in April. I wonder if they purchased it or decided not to bother. Obviously no one has taken even the rudimentary step of securing the entrance.

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  1. T Wilson T Wilson

    To the know it all who posted this drivel; These 2 houses were occupied by renters, then destroyed in the storm. We applied for demolition, but, lucky for us, sold them prior to that. They were up for sale and you, being so concerned could have bought them and renovated them. Let me guess. You’re a bleeding heart!! Turns out our investment was a good one. How about yours?? Adios, amigo!

  2. J.B. J.B.

    Thanks for contributing to the downfall of New Orleans, Terry.
    You are part of this city’s– and this country’s– problem.

  3. T Wilson T Wilson

    I can guarantee I have done more for this city than you ever have. There is no more helping this place. You and others like you can have it. You, I’m sure, will do nothing to make this a better place. What have you done so far in your life. Nothing substantial, I bet, other than knock other people. These 2 houses were in bad shape when I bought them. Were you complaining then about the old owner. I doubt it sincerely. Get a life or maybe just try doing something useful. You can now complain about the new owner, who has owned these properties for 3 months. Why don’t you look up his name and slam him. You should know what you’re talking about before running off at the mouth. Why don’t you be a part of the recovery. Buy up all the rotten houses around you and fix them up. I’m sure you can get some fed money to do that. I chose not to apply for Road Home money in any way. I didn’t think the government should have to pay for rebuilding my properties. Did you apply and milk the gov’t for funds for your poor planning? Probably. I’m just gonna retire and get out of this crap hole, and yes, I can say that because I was born and raised here. I would rather live in a safe place. Again, adios amigo!!

  4. Heather Heather

    Terry, party affiliation has nothing to do with allowing your property to be an eyesore in a city that is rebuilding itself. Despite your negative view of New Orleans, there are many natives like myself that will live here for the rest of their lives. Your ignorance is appalling. I hope the city fines you vigorously or maybe your properties can be featured on Bill Capo or Richard Angelico.

    Good riddance and don’t the door hit you on the way out…we don’t want people like you here anyway. We are rebuilding despite jerks like you and will continue to do so. Adios, Amigo!


  5. cguillot cguillot

    Dear Mr Wilson,

    If you are concerned about your neighborhood dose this make you a bleeding heart liberal? I would think not! I sincerely doubt all of your good deeds for New Orleans have gone unnoticed. Wow what a great job you have done for the neighborhood, I sincerely regret you have moved on. It is just a shame you did not take the rodents and mold with you.

    Mid City Business & home owner
    Christina Guillot

  6. jtaylor jtaylor

    To TERRY WILSON, I can vouch for Mr. Everson’s hard work to improve life in the city. Unfortunately it is deadbeats like you that cause many of us to have to spend so many of our free hours trying to maintain our quality of life and property values. If you had trash like yourself and your houses around the corner from you, I’m sure you would be whining like all the other slumlords whose only interest is sucking every dime they can get out of the city and their dilapidated properties. Thank you for selling these horrific blights.

  7. Therese Therese

    Mr. Wilson,

    People like you are part of the reason this city is still so broken. If it’s
    yours fix it. Selling it, is the easy, cowardly way out. I and so many other
    responsible citizens have cleaned and repaired or are repairing our
    properties. I did not wait for the gov’t or anyone else. I was involved in the repair & renovation of 4 properties with 6 residences and a business. I’ve been finished for months. You had over 18 months and did nothing. I am sick and tired and heart broken to see so many beautiful old houses left to rot by people like you. Putting the blame on the new owner is chicken, thought they need to get moving, too. Mr. Everson and so many others have done more than you will and obviously could not do, so good riddance. His work and the hard work of others is the reason why Mid City neighborhoods are back and getting better. We don’t need you or your trash.

  8. T Wilson T Wilson

    No one was talking to you. No need to interject your opinions where they are unwanted.

    Good for you. You want to stay and save what is not worth saving. This city needs more people like you who want New Orleans the way it was. Can you please explain what was so good about it pre-K? I fail to see where there was any particular beauty in the neighborhood you deem to love so much. So apparently you and your ilk weren’t doing much of a job prior, and from the looks of it lately, haven’t done much of a job since. It is still a slum area. I’m sure you can find many renters at inflated prices who will all do nothing to make this city better.

    Go live your life in your own misery. Stay out of mine.

  9. T Wilson T Wilson

    Alas, I only own one more property in this city and can’t wait to sell it. There are many better places to be than this. None of you has done anything substantial to help this city either, so please stop patting your own backs. If you had done so much (like you all claim), someone would have heard of you.

    These properties no longer belong to me. If you are so concerned, find the owner and browbeat on him/her/them/whoever. I’m sure you won’t make such an effort. Like I said previously, whoever the pitiful one was who started this blog invited my comments.

    Have a good life, regardless. I know I will.

  10. Jennifer F Jennifer F

    So, Terry, give us the other address you still own and want to sell so we can do our best to get you out of a city you hate so much ASAP.

    These houses were once the proud possessions of working class people who cared about them and built them with love – many with their own hands.

    The will be loved and cared for again. Collective lack of will on the part of landlords is currently the biggest obstacle to Mid City’s regeneration. So please, please, please, feel free to depart to your better place and your safe little brick box in the ‘burbs as fast as you can.

  11. Ray B Ray B

    T. wilson said: ‘Can you please explain what was so good about it pre-K? I fail to see where there was any particular beauty in the neighborhood you deem to love so much’

    Don’t get me started. For one thing, I see a whole lot of beauty in even your old rentals. The whole neighborhood is beautiful – even in its deplorable state. I’d like them better if they had a caring owner. I love the river and the river front and the various maritime industries we have and our visitors from all over the world thanks to our port and tourism industry. I enjoy the use of our south Louisiana wetlands. Like almost anyone else, I prefer our New Orleans food, bread, tap water, music, social clubs, fishing, traditions and customs more than those that I have experienced anywhere else. I especially love the characters I’m forced to interact with as a part of living here – even the cantankerous dead inside people who cannot see the beauty surrounding them. I never knew how much I love our city until I moved away for a few years.

    Yea. We’ve got a ton of seemingly insurmountable problems that drive me crazy at times. And, those levee failures wiped me out along with just about everyone else I ever knew. Times are tougher than ever.

    Good luck to you in whatever la-la land you find elsewhere.

    Ray B

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