Less than half a year after the renovation started, the house next door is officially for sale. You could be my neighbor for $285K. Interestingly enough, I note the house next door to our old place is also for sale, for $148K. Neither of these homes has been occupied since the floods of ’05. They […]

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Our inspection period is just about over. We’ve found a number of deficiencies which we are asking the seller to correct: There are structural issues under the house. A lot of sills and joists need to be replaced or, in some cases, repaired. There’s a flat roof over the addition in the rear of the […]

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Well, it’s official. Our house is on the market. There’s a “For Sale” sign in front. We’ve been very happy here. It’s hard to think that our home for the last seven years might soon belong to someone else. But here’s hoping. If you’re interested call our Realtor, Shannon Sharpe Briand, at (504) 616-7000. It’s […]

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There’s an article in today’s paper on a subject near and dear to my heart. I’m even quoted herein. My comments follow. Greenway Ahead by Lolis Eric Elie, The Times-Picayune Saturday September 05, 2009, 10:42 PM In a move that could help create the first new public park in New Orleans in two decades, the […]

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House update: Our initial offer was $9K below the seller’s asking price, which got us to a nice round number. We also specified they cover $3K of closing costs. They made a counteroffer, bumping the price back up $3K. We are accepting this counteroffer and making a deposit. Now we just have to sell our […]

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This story in the paper made me feel ever-so-slightly vindicated about our decision to renovate. A new study of home prices around the New Orleans area shows that buyers rewarded sellers who gambled and rebuilt in devastated areas like Lakeview, eastern New Orleans and Chalmette. Renovated homes in those areas recovered much of their pre-storm […]

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If you want to live just around the corner from yours truly, consider this freshly renovated shotgun double in the 3000 block of Bienville. Live on one side, rent out the other! I have no idea what it’s like inside, but the paint job is pretty nice. It’s listed for $175,000. Call Luke Jones at […]

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