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  1. Jeff Elbo Jeff Elbo

    funny, but sad at the same time…

    i heard recently that more money has been spent in afghanistan to ‘win the hearts and minds’ of the people there, than has been given to help new orleans…

    i’ve heard that nearly a year later, that a lot of the people that have the ‘fema trailers’ don’t even have electricity. and that some people don’t even have one of these trailers.

    are the levees up yet? i remember they said they would be up and ready by june. is that true?

  2. It’s true they said that. But no, I don’t think the levees are completely fixed yet.

  3. pj pj

    It’s a big drag…hopefully there’s some good news to report. The auction is up to 7,000

  4. joe joe

    That doesn’t look like 1450 sqft to me. Just saying.

  5. JP,
    Sorry I couldn’t do more to help you guys

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