Just in time for the summer solstice, my article “Flowers to Flame” has been published on Humanistic Paganism. I think this may the best thing I’ve written. If you’ve got a moment, please give it a read; if you’re rushed, just take a look at the pretty pictures, and you’ll get the basic point.

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I’ve been doing it again: writing elsewhere. I’ve just finished up a series of six essays for College Contemplative on the topic of “Contemplative Faculty Development.” Introduction My Story Stepping into Silence The Transformative Banquet Sustaining the Dialog What’s Next Read at your own risk; I apologize in advance for the length. I wrote these […]

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Here’s the top ten referrers to this blog since, um, well whenever it was I installed this new stats package. adrastos.blog-city.com 274 michaelhoman.blogspot.com 185 librarychronicles.blogspot.com 154 righthandthief.blogspot.com 136 tanque.org 98 toulousestreet.wordpress.com 72 google.com/ig 71 mcno.org 66 flickr.com/photos/editor 56 howieluvzus.com 54 Respect!

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Two articles grabbed my attention this morning: New Orleans since the storm: An American travesty by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Feeding 18,000 Families Each Month in One Neighborhood in New Orleans: The Right to Return Eighteen Months after Katrina by Bill Quigley Reading these makes me sad and angry. The mainstream media is bleak enough, but these […]

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