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  1. That post confuses me. YP states that he is disgusted by the racism of the the Lakeview Neighborhood Association in the context of their opposition to the streetcar extension but provides as his examples some racist statements made by random people in a Lakeview coffee shop about the post office.

    Plus, while his description of the typical white conservative antipathy toward Nagin is, to an extent, true post-flood, those folks were Nagin’s base supporters pre-flood. Also many conservative whites put aside their blaming Nagin for the flood just long enough to vote for him a second time against Mitch Landrieu in 2006.

  2. I was at that meeting. The meeting made me uncomfortable, there were a number of people discussing “the people” who wait for buses.

    There was also a discussion at that same meting about the FOLC Project and one women kept insisting that there would be drug dealing and a “shooting gallery” in the proposed area if the plan went forward. I was wondering what she thinks is going on there now?

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