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Incredible Headlines

I was amazed by the front page of the paper this morning. Apparently a robbery suspect took refuge at the house of District Attorney Eddie Jordan, before rushing off to shoot a cop and his wife. This happened earlier in the month but is only coming to light now.

Separate but related story: The D.A. owes almost $4 million to the people he wrongfully fired when he was elected, and now the City Council is saying the city can’t afford it. I was one of those people picketing in the rain for Jordan to resign but I almost feel sorry for him now. Almost.

Final knock-your-socks-off story: State Senator Derrick Shepherd comes out swinging against the FBI, who interrogated him and insinuated he’s been doing some money laundering. I’ve held a low opinion of Shepherd ever since he embarrassed the state with his “Saggy Pants” bill, but his counter-offensive against the FBI was truly impressive. Everybody’s in a tizzy because he says the feds wanted him to cough up dirt on Mayor Nagin and State Rep. Karen Carter. He said “hell no” and that’s when they started sweating him.

Update: Listen to Jordan and his girlfriend give their side of the story on the radio. (Hat tip, Varg.)

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