We’ve been getting a little bit of “buzz” regarding our latest episode. Nice write-ups on Metroblogging, Three Bed Two Bath, and quite a few others. But the sweetest one is on Marathonpacks, which appears to be a kick-ass music blog. Thanks, y’all. Update: A review, quite funny in its own right, at Adrastos.

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Jason Berry has published a video about the current state of New Orleans which is so much better than my little efforts, it puts me to shame. Seriously. It’s obvious that a lot more work and thought went into this. So check it out. Also, Michael’s ten-year-old daughter made a video about post-Katrina New Orleans. […]

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Been surfing the internet all day… Don’t know what to say… Except… Real Reports of Katrina Relief New Orleans Independent Media Center Jacob Appelbaum’s weblog Katrina: The Mid City Story Nix Bits GulfSails Katrina Feeds Common Ground Katrinaville katrina-flood-depth-estimation-09-03-2005.jpg (JPEG Image, 1991×1559 pixels) A 5th grader’s account of Hurricane Katrina Poignant!

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