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Announcing Boozocracy

I’m proud — no, scratch that — I’m chagrined to announce the debut of Boozocracy, a new online fundraising campaign.

Michael Homan and I are letting people vote on our drinking habits in order to raise money for a library in our neighborhood. It’s kind of like the intersection of literary culture and drinking culture and democracy. Our city of New Orleans is well known for its literary and drinking culture. Democracy? Not so much. We’re working on that. But rather than explain the concept here, check out the Boozocracy website, and it will all make sense. Maybe.


You’ll see my face plastered across the Boozocracy website, but the blame for this whole thing really must be laid at the feet of Michael Homan. He came up with the idea. And some blame accrues to Howie as well, for taking the photos.

Anyway, it’s for real. We are putting our livers on the line for a good cause. Please help — with your donations, and by spreading the word. Throw Boozocracy a link, and hopefully we’ll reach our goal soon. Let the chips fall where they may!

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  1. joe joe

    Re: your plumbing problem. Could be looping through a shower valve (the valvel doesn’t completely shut off, letting hot water flow through to the cold side) or, there could be something drawing heavily from your cold water line before it enters your water heater, causing hot water to be drawn back out the cold inlet of the water heater (unlikely, fixable with a check valve).

    Probably, since you just had all your plumbing redone, they mistakenly connected the hot and cold lines into each other somewhere, hopefully not behind sheetrock.

    Easy on the liver!

  2. Lee Lee

    Seems like an “odd couple” remake to me………….Anywayz I’ll chip in a few buckaroos

    Anything for a good cause, right?

  3. Okay guys, I’ve put up a link. I think your pricing might be off. It’s quite expensive to keep you drinking but free to make you stop. Am I missing something?

  4. Cade Roux Cade Roux

    It’s either all or nothing? That just seems so wrong – what’s wrong with drinking freely in moderation? I can’t see paying you to hurt your liver, yet the suffering of being forced to go without alcohol for a year is unthinkable. What to do? So I gave the same money each way.

  5. Jeremy Rich Jeremy Rich

    When I get my pay next week, rest assured I will be doing my bit for temperance. I recommend you chill O’Douls or Kaliber for several hours before serving, although they make a great warm dip for chips if you leave it out in the soon.

  6. Sophmom: Yes, you’re missing something! But it’s my fault. The dollar amounts listed are for donations received. They are not prices. I’ve updated the page so that should be clear now. Sorry for the confusion. As far as pricing goes, that’s entirely at the discretion of the giver. You can donate any amount you like.

  7. Anne Anne

    Thanks for adding a FAQ to the page. I think that, should you fail to make the full million dollars, the schools listed here will be happy to receive the funds. I’m a little concerned about your desire to let the schools decide to do with the funds, however– I can see why you’d want them to have autonomy, but I’ve heard lots of recent stories from teachers about well-meaning donations going astray–pocketed by the School Board or used by principals for personal needs, not teacher/student needs. Do you think you need some controls over how the funds are spent?

  8. […] A buddy of mine, Bart, has started boozacracy which will hopefully raise money for good things. You pledge money and “vote” on whether or not Bart and one of his co-worker/friends will be allowed to drink or not during the next calendar year. […]

  9. delightful!
    since i can’t donate food stamps—i will do my best to get the word out!
    and, based only on your blogs, i doubt that xy disapproves of your drinking; she seems to enjoy a little tipple as well.

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