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Closing In

I’m gearing up to sign a bunch of papers in about an hour and a half. First we’re closing on the sale of our old house. Immediately after that we’re closing on the purchase of our new house. The latter is predicated on the former. I have power of attorney so I can sign for Xy who would normally be at work but stayed home today to look after our daughter who was running a fever last night. (We were worried about the H1N1 but the doctor says it’s just an ear infection.) Everything should go smoothly but I still have a low-level sense of dread that something will go wrong at the last minute. I need to bring a certified check to the closing, but even at this late hour I don’t know the amount because someone (the lender, I think) is dragging their feet. I’m waiting for that critical piece of info so I can ride to the bank, get the check, and then ride on to the title company for the ink-fest. Meanwhile the tension mounts.

At least it is a beautiful day for a bike ride.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    inkfest was a gut churning moment.

    even the second time when we refied at a lower rate.

    there is the dread of not being able to read all that mess and wondering if your about to get fucked by a smiling face.

    good luck yall.

    it allways works out , still its a strange experiance.

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