If you want to live just around the corner from yours truly, consider this freshly renovated shotgun double in the 3000 block of Bienville. Live on one side, rent out the other! I have no idea what it’s like inside, but the paint job is pretty nice. It’s listed for $175,000. Call Luke Jones at […]

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They’ve finally started work on the house next door to ours, which has been an eyesore for years. They’ve decided to renovate rather than demolish. If they demolished, they probably wouldn’t be able to rebuild according to modern codes and zoning, because of the extremely small lot. First step: Remove the contents from the upstairs […]

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Ever had the feeling that all the pieces are coming together — but none of them fit? Like maybe some wiseacre at the factory mixed together a bunch of different puzzles as a prank? Yeah, me too. I stopped by Michael’s house after work yesterday to talk with Roy Bragg of the San Antonio Express-News. […]

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Last night Todd Price came by and we paid a visit to my Hoosier Mexican neighbors. Todd is the only person writing for the local alt-weekly who also speaks Spanish, and he’s researching a potential story. At the neighbor’s house there were a bunch of people gathered around the TV watching Univision, mostly sitting on […]

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We have neighbors again! We’ve been the only people living for blocks in any direction, but now there are some Mexican guys living in the upper apartment of the house two doors down. I know they’re Mexican because Johnny told me so. Johnny is the Indian-American slumlord who owns the four buildings immediately adjacent to […]

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