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Next Door

They’ve finally started work on the house next door to ours, which has been an eyesore for years. They’ve decided to renovate rather than demolish. If they demolished, they probably wouldn’t be able to rebuild according to modern codes and zoning, because of the extremely small lot.

The Leaning Tower of New Orleans

First step: Remove the contents from the upstairs rooms and pile them on the street, including a large quantity of newspapers which scatter everywhere when the wind blows. I called the property owner twice to complain. I hate complaining like that, but I think maybe he got the point.

Now they’re taking steps to straighten the building, which has been leaning for years. I expressed my hope that it would not fall on our house. The owner said he couldn’t guarantee it.

I suspect this work is being done without the proper permits. I also suspect that the workers are not licensed contractors. Yesterday morning they somehow ruptured a gas line. There was loud hissing, the smell of gas permeated the air, and Entergy had to come out and seal it back up.

I’m keeping my eye on this one. I’ve seen some of the other flooded properties “fixed up” by this family, and frankly I have not been impressed. To their credit, I must say they have done more with their properties than a lot of owners in the surrounding blocks. But at the same time, I find the quality of the work disappointing. To come back strong, our neighborhood needs housing that meets a certain basic level of quality.

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  1. B., I’m really alarmed by this!

    If he has no license and can’t guarantee the house won’t fall on yours and is digging into gaslines, then you need to take steps to have it condemned before these guys blow up your street. I know that more condemned houses are not what NOLA needs right now, but you need even less to have this house caving in.

  2. please be careful and hopefully (without neighbor turning evil on you) you make sure the authorities know about this situation.. at least it looks buggy and at worst it could seriously hurt you & XY.

    Please.. be careful!!!!

  3. Varg..I think B is trying to get in on the act.

    B I just called in a house near you 2501 Bienville, they put a new roof on and it is collapsing. As well as remodeling far beyond the scope of the permit.

    Do you think Velocity Hall lists pulled permits?

  4. celcus celcus

    They are required by law to post a city permit certificate for all work requiring a permit…gutting is one thing, but shoring a building is very tricky and defiantly requires a permit.

    It is pretty much the rule that when there is no visible certificate, there usually is no permit, let alone licenses, or knowledge of how to actually do the work safely, or how to do the work at all.

    I don’t mean to egg you on to rat on the guy, but the poor condition of the structure really adds a giant unkown to the equation. This need a good stop work order slapped on it before someone gets hurt. The city is actually pretty good about stopping un-permitted work, you just need to call safety and permits.

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