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I’m not sure why, but there seems to be a real uptick in activity in our area lately. People are renovating flooded properties or demolishing and building anew.


For a while there it seemed that progress had ground to a halt. But now it seems to be lurching forward again. Slowly, slowly to be sure. And there are still plenty of properties just sitting untouched, as I noted yesterday. But the sound of hammers swinging is definitely increased, and it’s music to my ears.

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  1. I had a friend from out of town visit recently and I gave him the deluxe misery tour and he was struck by how much activity was actually going on. I felt the same way–it’s busiest near the major streets still, but some areas defy that trend. Maybe we can call it a *surge* of activity.

  2. Surge. That’s brilliant. Much better than uptick. Surge has that Bush resonance Americans everywhere might recognize, whereas only New Orleanians will remember our mayor referring to the spike in violent crime as an uptick.

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