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I Am Not a Marketing Tool

I like Netflix. They’ve got a nice service that I enjoy and they did right by their customers after Katrina, automatically suspending all subscriptions within the disaster zone.

But by God, I am not promoting this event on Thursday. Dennis Quaid rocks Spanish Plaza, followed by a screening of The Big Easy? I have no clue as to Mr. Quaid’s musical prowess, but in my experience most locals turn up their nose at that flick.

(Full confession: I watched The Big Easy before moving down here as part of my feeble research effort. I thought it was OK. It did yield one line which Xy and I often quote to one another: “This is the Big Easy baby. We got a different way of doing things down here.” Actually it might be a hoot to see it again after all these years.)

I mention this only because a Netflix PR flack just contacted me (and Adrastos and Oyster and Maitri and Alan G.) and asked me to flog this on my blog.

No, I say. Enough! I am not a marketing tool. I will not succumb. Except that maybe I just did, but it was ironical, you know.

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  1. a a

    viral baby!!!

  2. Damn, I should of thought of that when I got a review copy of Connick’s latest CD. Heck, I’m not a music critic.

  3. Other than the accents, the movie is actually pretty good.

  4. Heh. Way to market while decrying marketing.

    Bottom line is…if ya wanna go, go. If ya don’t go, Netflix is not gonna start charging late fees. 😉

  5. Sam Lasis Sam Lasis

    Dennis and I went to high school together. He’s a good guy. Pretty good sound out of his band, The Sharks.

    Don’t blame him for his lousy accent. Nobody can do a New Orleans accent. At least, not in Hollywood.

  6. Marion Marion

    Got to learn to frame the words “How much?”. Can’t lose with that. Either they will leave go away or earn you a little supplement. But then there’s that journalistic integrity thing…oh well!

  7. I forgot to mention they offered free six month trial Netflix subscriptions to my readers. Of course, I have too much respect for my readers to pander to them with freebies.

  8. Aw, fuck you, B. I have no self-respect so send me all the free shit you can.

  9. Frank s. Frank s.

    Respect is a wonderful thing and I salute you for having it. Of course, since you ended-up giving them product placement in the Blog anyway, it might have been good to be compensated for it with six months of Netflix.

  10. I’m so confused…was that an endorsement or a zinger?

  11. Marion Marion

    Well! Pander me!

  12. Anthony Anthony

    This is what I miss about my time in journalism. Free stuff. Lots of free stuff… just wander over to the music and arts desk and pick up something someone wants you to write about.
    I miss the free stuff…

    Oh that and the minor celebrity…

  13. If I remember the movie correctly, Quaid’s character was supposed to be a transplanted cajun or his dad was a cajun or something. It’s improbable that’s a New Orleans cop would sound like that, but there was some effort at explaining his implausible accent.

  14. Joe Joe

    I vote Down By Law best New Orleans movie. Any others?

  15. Maybe but even then it wasn’t good accent.

  16. […] and watched The Big Easy on the big screen. (I wrote about this event in advance, but remember, I am not a marketing tool.) It was fun in a cheesy way. As Chris Martel so aptly explains, bad is the new […]

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