Welcome aboard to another rox.com blogger. Avid fans of the ROX television series may remember Kelly from such classic episodes as An Amazing Concatenation of Events, A Toast to Poverty and Coping with the Shock. She’s now living in Milwaukee with her husband Paul and their beautiful baby girl. Her blog is at cheese.rox.com.

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I made an unpleasant discovery this morning. The rox.com website was down. Looked like a problem with the database. Upon further investigation, I discovered that all the data tables were gone. The database itself was still there, but the thirty-odd data tables which it contained had vanished. Poof. Gone. I called tech support for our […]

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A while back I got an angry message via the rox.com website. The writer demanded the immediate removal of “my image and any mention of me” from the website, and threatened legal action. The message was not signed, and the return e-mail address was obscure. I wrote back and said I was sorry to hear […]

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