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In between changing diapers and rocking the girl to sleep and running the odd errand or rustling grub, I’m preoccupied with migrating to a new webhost. Dusting off those command-line skillz I haven’t used for a good while. So far, so good.

Update: The migration was a success. I hope to write something about DreamHost soon.

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  1. Lee Lee

    Get used to it 🙂 There will always be some emergency, or thing that has to be done right now……Espesically with 2 women in your household now. You’re outnumbered.

  2. Actually, Lee, I meant that my preoccupation with the migration was cutting into my blogging time.

  3. Rachel Rachel

    Yep, Lee thinks all of the women in his life are out to sabotage his free time. We just smile :-).

  4. I see from whois that you went with dreamhost. In case you haven’t already spotted it, their wiki is pretty handy for common questions:

  5. I’ll be sure to give midPhase the bird when I walk by their offices. 🙂

  6. […] downloads on (The pop-up viewer has been working, but downloads have been broken since we migrated months ago, because of changes to the hosting environment; it only took a minor code edit, but I […]

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