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Further Adventures

Today her umbilical stump fell off. To celebrate, we made a pilgrimage to Bayou St. John.

Persephone on the Waters

She’s definitely growing. Her loose folds of skin are filling in with baby fat. Xy has been breastfeeding, and the results can be seen daily. Funny, by sheer coincidence we watched The Life of Mammals just before the birth. Mammals are defined by having fur/hair and giving milk to their young. Did I mention she’s very hairy? She had down all over her body and even hair on her ears but it’s falling off.

In another landmark, our contractor Mike Kaplan made his final visit in this renovation today. He finished up a few odd details, and what with various paperwork and a recent inspection by our mortgage company, we are nearly ready to close the book on this chapter. To celebrate, I did my best Eliot Spitzer impression.

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  1. mike mike

    To celebrate, I did my best Eliot Spitzer impression.

    Oh, B, this is no time for hookers and hotels, you know that.

    But so did Mr. Spitzer, I bet.

  2. Dr. A Dr. A

    Lanugo! (another new vocabulary word)

    Best wishes to you, Xy, and darling Persephone!

  3. MF MF

    Umbilical Stump would be a good name for a band, or for a dance.

  4. Joe Joe

    Hey! Congratulations! What a gorgeous kid.

  5. Funny. I got very into my mammalian side after becoming a mother. Even toyed with naming my blog Five Mammals in Milwaukee, because I was so charmed with the fact that, of the three humans and two cats in the house, a total of at least four mammals were generally in the same room of the house well over 90% of the time.

    Yep – we mammals have lots of things in common. And we like to congregate.

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