A causal chain: c-section => constipation => clogged commode Good thing we have our second toilet running. Very happy that Xy’s plumbing is working though. Update: After letting the clog soak in the water for a few hours, I was able to successfully plunge and clear the line.

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While many of my neighbors are trying to get hot water in their houses, we’ve been longing for cold water. See, we got our gas turned back on and a new water heater installed way back in November. All was well until we had most of the house re-plumbed in late July. Actually Coleman did […]

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Ever had the feeling that all the pieces are coming together — but none of them fit? Like maybe some wiseacre at the factory mixed together a bunch of different puzzles as a prank? Yeah, me too. I stopped by Michael’s house after work yesterday to talk with Roy Bragg of the San Antonio Express-News. […]

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I spent today catching up, running errands that fell between the cracks over the last two days. It’s amazing how many things we’re juggling, and you don’t notice until something breaks the rhythm. But the real excitement of the day is that Coleman came with his plumbing crew and essentially re-plumbed our entire house. Out […]

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The electricians started work on our house today. Also, the plumber got the city inspector to come by and certify us for getting our gas service restored. Also, Xy made the cut. She was amongst the 200 teachers (out of over a thousand applicants) who got called back for an interview (for one of 60 […]

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I was unable to replace the faulty hose connecting the toilet tank to the water supply. Seems my shutoff valve has a flange coupling, odd for this application, and the hardware store doesn’t have a hose that could do the job. They recommended replacing the valve altogether. Ah, but that is a tricky proposition. Cut […]

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