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The Plumber

I saw our Cuban neighbor, Jose, as we drove to our house this morning. Xy dropped me off and hurried on to a job screening (more on that later). I made my way back on foot but by the time I got there he was gone.

As I stood there wondering how Jose and his 90-year-old mother had made out during the storm, Derek Huston rolled up in his car. Derek is a sax player in the Iguanas and also the former owner of our house.

I gave him my number and he hurried on to meet a roofer.

I went back to my house and waited.

Waiting is hard, as we all know. I was waiting for the electrician and the plumber. The electrician was supposed to come Monday but didn’t. He was supposed to come yesterday but didn’t. Today I haven’t even gotten a call back. Not sure what’s up, but I think he’s got some labor issues with his crews. He’s had a falling out with his longtime helper Josh, another local sax player who is also a friend of mine, and I don’t know where that leaves us as far as electrical work goes.

The Plumber

But I’m happy as hell right now because I just met with Robert Coleman, LMP 1687. He checked our gas lines and we look good! We need a new water heater and a city inspection, but it looks as though we could have gas turned on as early as this Friday, if we’re lucky, or more likely by next Tuesday.

(While the plumber was doing his thing Derek stopped by and looked around his old house and we exchanged hurricane stories.)

The Previous Owner

The total bill for the plumbing work will be $1,100.00 which includes the cost of the city inspection and filing and the new heater and everything. That’s 180 for this visit, 350 for the new water heater, 280 for installing the heater, and 290 for city fees and the plumber’s time during the city inspection.

I wanted to get one of these “on demand” water heaters but there aren’t any in stock locally, so it looks as though we’ll get a standard tank model rather than wait around.

I wrote him a check for $600 now and was happy to part with the money.

With gas heat and hot water, I think we’ll be set to move back into our house for real. So far we’ve slept here only on warmer nights.

So, some good news, which I really needed.

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