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I spent today catching up, running errands that fell between the cracks over the last two days. It’s amazing how many things we’re juggling, and you don’t notice until something breaks the rhythm.

But the real excitement of the day is that Coleman came with his plumbing crew and essentially re-plumbed our entire house. Out with the galvanized steel. It’s all copper now. I even had them run a line up through the kitchen floor to the far corner where the fridge is, so our automatic ice-maker is actually working.

Washer Hookups

Another bonus: When re-establishing our outdoor spigot, they put in both hot and cold taps. I’m not sure why we’d ever want hot water out there, but if we need it, we’ve got it.

Hot & Cold Spigots

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    dude outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen sink…….. hot water outdoors is great. 6 months out of the year we get the privlage of using our outdoor space as an extra room to our house.

    When I rewired my house after the flooding I made sure to put in electrical outlets on the porch and backyard.

    The best part about owning your house is it keeps evolving with goofy shit like that. By the time your an old man your are gonna have one hell of a sanctuary.

    god bless you guys , yall are in my prayers.

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