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Toilet Part IX

I was unable to replace the faulty hose connecting the toilet tank to the water supply. Seems my shutoff valve has a flange coupling, odd for this application, and the hardware store doesn’t have a hose that could do the job. They recommended replacing the valve altogether. Ah, but that is a tricky proposition. Cut off water to the whole house, and then what? That valve is connected to an old steel pipe, and it looks pretty rusty. Anything could happen, and that makes me nervous.

And so I was plunged into despair.

Then it occurred to me: Rather than replacing the old hose, maybe I could repair it. It was leaking at the other end, where it joins the tank. So I had Xy hold it, and I wrapped it up tight with some of that black plumber’s tape, and I reattached it.

That was over 24 hours ago, and it appears to be holding. The floor underneath is dry. That makes me happy. When the time comes for a more permanent solution, I’ll hire a professional to replace that old rusty steel pipe all the way through the wall, all the way to the street if need be. Wrestling toilets is one thing, but I know my limitations.

I think I’ve made nine or ten trips to the hardware store on this project. My boss came and helped me three times. But I only spent $30 or so, and at least I learned some stuff.

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