A causal chain: c-section => constipation => clogged commode Good thing we have our second toilet running. Very happy that Xy’s plumbing is working though. Update: After letting the clog soak in the water for a few hours, I was able to successfully plunge and clear the line.

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Students go back to the New Orleans Public Schools today. In theory anyway. In practice — but that’s another story. The big hype this year? The tissue issue. (Pronunciation guide: tisha isha.) Yes, administrators are actually promising toilet paper will be on hand at every school this year! Amazing. From the Sunday T-P: A&M executive […]

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I was unable to replace the faulty hose connecting the toilet tank to the water supply. Seems my shutoff valve has a flange coupling, odd for this application, and the hardware store doesn’t have a hose that could do the job. They recommended replacing the valve altogether. Ah, but that is a tricky proposition. Cut […]

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My boss came by after work today, and we tackled the toilet again. This time we junked the old floor flange. Turns out it was held to the floor with tacks! So we drilled holes in the concrete and bolted a shiny new flange into place. Then we installed a Fluidmaster 7500 Wax-Free Toilet Bowl […]

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Nothing beats getting up early after four hours of sleep, still drunk from the night before, to fix a troublesome toilet. Except failing to fix it. We were replacing the wax gasket that sits between the bowl and the floor flange (for the second time — long story) and in so doing we discovered that […]

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