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Toilet Redux

My boss came by after work today, and we tackled the toilet again. This time we junked the old floor flange. Turns out it was held to the floor with tacks! So we drilled holes in the concrete and bolted a shiny new flange into place. Then we installed a Fluidmaster 7500 Wax-Free Toilet Bowl Gasket, which I recommend most highly. Easy and clean. Fuck a wax gasket, man.

And yet…

When we hooked everything back up and flushed a couple of times, we discovered the little tube that connects the tank to the water supply had sprung a leak, probably from being detached and retached so many times over the past week, and it was too late to make it to the hardware store. So, damn, we still don’t have a working toilet downstairs. But I am confident that we will tomorrow.

And then, when my in-laws visit, they can enjoy taking a crap in our non-climate controlled bathroom in New Orleans in August. Yeah, that sounds real pleasant, doesn’t it? But it would be worse if the toilet was leaking.

(Well, why shouldn’t “retached” be a word?)

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